FORE_ULトラベル防滴バックパック (OUTLET)

¥2,980 was ¥3,980




  • 品のある黒
  • 容量約20リットル
  • 重量約170g(収納袋含む)
  • 非常に耐久力のあるコーデュラ®リップストップナイロン
  • 持ち運びに最適な収納袋
  • YKK製止水ジッパーとシームテープによる防水処理
  • シームテープによる縫い目からの浸水防止

Designed and quality controlled in Japan. Made in China.

The width of the right and left shoulder straps are slightly different

We noticed that the width of the shoulder straps had small variations between the left and the right strap. The difference between the two varies from product to product, but no more than 7mm.

The difference doesn't affect the actual use of the backpack. When you wear the backpack, it doesn't cause any discomfort. We added them to the outlet, because these backpacks differ from the specifications to begin with and some might consider this difference disagreeable.

If you're thinking of having it inside another bag, or if you already expect some wear and tear, and you are looking for a good price/performance ratio, even if you have to sacrifice some of the looks – this is our recommendation.